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What is a Wedding Celebrant ?

A wedding celebrant works closely with a couple to create and deliver a unique, personal, and memorable wedding ceremony. One that reflects the couple’s  relationship, personalities, interests and style.

Are you an Independent Celebrant?

Yes.  I obtained my Diploma in Family and Funeral Celebrancy with the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants in 2017. 

I am a highly trained and experienced, wedding and funeral celebrant.

I have the required skills to create, construct and deliver personalised life event ceremonies, including wedding ceremonies, vow renewal ceremonies, child naming, and celebration of life and funeral ceremonies.

What is different about a celebrant wedding?

A celebrant led-wedding means you value the importance of having a wedding ceremony that reflects who you are as a couple. In other words,  your uniqueness, your individuality and your story.

We will work closely together to craft the wedding ceremony that is perfect for you, to ensure lasting and happy memories of your special day.

How can I add different elements to my wedding ceremony to make it unique ?

There are many ways to add elements to your wedding ceremony to make it truly personal, memorable and unique.

On the Blog, The ‘Elements Series’, looks at some of the ways my couples have chosen to incorporate some very different elements into their ceremonies.

Do you conduct Vow Renewal Ceremonies?


Vow renewals are not just for the rich and famous and do not have to be lavish affairs.

What is important is the meaning behind the vows themselves and their significance in a couple’s marriage.

Each Vow Renewal Ceremony is unique and special, as  are the reasons why a couple decide to renew the vows they made to one another on their wedding day.

Here are some reasons why couples decide to have a Vow Renewal.


Do you conduct Handfastings?


A Handfasting is one of the most popular elements chosen by couples who want to include a beautiful, colourful and symbolic unity ritual in their wedding ceremony,

Together, we will look the different ways of  performing a handfasting, what it means to you, and how we incorporate it into your wedding ceremony.

Read more about handfasting on the Blog.


What is the cheapest way to get the legal bit done ?

The cheapest and shortest option available  to complete the legal part of your marriage is to have the  basic “2+2” ceremony, at a registry office.

The 2+2  ceremony includes: a declaration, contracting words, and an optional ring vow, chosen from a short standard selection These are the legal elements needed to perform a marriage

The only people to attend will be yourselves, your two witnesses and the registrars.

The cost is £35 per person to give notice and £57 for the 2×2. 

Couples often choose this option to get the legal bits done, so they can enjoy a unique, personal and memorable celebrant-led wedding. 

This blog post, explains the differences between a celebrant and a registrar.

We are looking for a wedding blessing - can you help?

A Wedding Blessing is another name for a Wedding Ceremony. 

It usually takes place after after their couple have completed the legal formailties of their marriage.

It gives couples the freedom to have the wedding ceremony of their dreams, without the constarints of the Church or the Registration Service. 

It is is the day that couples consider their wedding day, for they regard the ceremony as making them husband and wife. 

Can you help us with writing our wedding vows?

Yes I can.

There are many ways couples chose to write their wedding vows.

Some couples write their vows together, some keep it a secret for the day.

Some want traditional wording, some more quirky, some use poetry, some just say them in the moment. 

If you need help,  have lots of examples which I can send you.  You may pick a line from here or there, if they resonate with you, and add some lovely words of your own.

This blog post shares some good tips on how to write your wedding vows

My Christianity is really important to me, can it be reflected in my ceremony

Yes, of course it can.  It is your wedding ceremony and therefore should reflect your beliefs and values.

Many couples have included hymns, Bible readings and prayers in their wedding ceremony. 

Likewise, couples of other denominations have incorporated religious elements of significance to them. 

The amount of religious content you have in your ceremony is your decsion.

In this blog post, I look at how Morgan and Max chose to have a Breaking of the Glass Ceremony to reflect Max’s Jewish heritage, but without including any overtly religious symbolism or wording. 

What locations do you cover?

I am based in Somerset, and cover the whole of the Southwest, the UK and abroad.  

I have led weddings, not only in Somerset, but also in London, Cornwall, Devon,  Gloucester, Bristol, Dorset and Sussex.  

I enjoy travelling abroad, mainly to Europe,  for destination weddings, and am really looking forward to conducting a ceremony by a lake and mountains in Swizerland next year.

We are looking for a civil partnership ceremony can you help?

A civil partmership is a secular ( non-religious) ceremony that is conducted and registered by a registrar and is legally binding.

As an independent celebrant, I am unable to complete the legalities. 

However, many couples choose to follow their civil ceremony with a commitment ceremony.

This enables them to have a ceremony that celebrates their partnership in the way that is right for them. 

A cermony without restriction of time and place and with no set script or prescribed text.

A ceremony that truly reflects who they are as a couple, and is bespoke, unique, and memorable.

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