Seven Top Reasons to Have a Vow Renewal Ceremony

A Wedding Celebrant’s Perspective

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies have been really hitting the headlines recently. This is in part due to the growing popularity among many famous celebrities for renewing their marriage vows. These have ranged from extremely lavish ceremonies, to small and intimate gatherings.

Vow renewals are not just for the rich and famous. Above all, they do not have to be lavish affairs. However, what is important is the meaning behind the vows themselves and their significance in a couple’s marriage.

As a wedding celebrant, I have led many Vow Renewal Ceremonies. Each one is unique and special, and what is meaningful are the reasons why a couple decide to renew the vows they made to each other on their wedding day.

So, I will share seven top reasons to have a vow renewal ceremony with you.

Seven different reasons, yet every couple shares the same sentiments. For, no matter how long ago they made their marriage vows, this is the most perfect time for them to renew them.

Seven Top Reasons to Have a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Reason 1

To commemorate a milestone anniversary

You’ve made it to 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 years. So, you want to celebrate your love in an age where not all marriages are, ‘till death do us part’.

As part of their ceremony, many couples like to take a nostalgic look back at their ‘courting days.’ This has included replaying the music they loved.  In addition they may mention the pubs and nightclubs they used to frequent. Similarly, laugh about their first car, the trendy clothes, the full head of hair!!

One couple, celebrating their 40th anniversary, walked up the aisle together, as Abba’s “Take a Chance on Me’, belted out. The wedding breakfast was Chicken in a Basket, followed by Orange Sorbet served in scooped out frozen oranges. Disco dancing under the glitter ball was to Abba and The Bee Gees. Needless to say, the Pina Coladas and Harvey Wallbangers flowed all night!!

Seven Top Reasons to Have a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Reason 2

Couples regret that they were not able to have the wedding ceremony they wanted.

In addition, many couples feel that their wedding ceremony did not reflect who they were as a couple. For example, that they were considered too young to have much say in their wedding day. That it was taken over by their parents. Similarly, others regretted having a church wedding when they were not at all religious. Whilst others felt their registry office wedding was prescriptive and impersonal.

In conclusion, renewing your vows gives you the opportunity to re-live your wedding day. And this time, have it the way you want it.

Seven Top Reasons to Have a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Reason 3

Ability to stay strong after a difficult time

Life is certainly like a box of chocolates. When we marry, we embark on life together, not knowing what the future holds.

Renewal of vows ceremonies are often for couples who have experienced some difficult or tragic times during their marriage. Maybe one person has had to rely more heavily on the other.  Or they have had to pull really hard together to get through some extremely tragic circumstances.

These vow renewal ceremonies are a wonderful celebration of the strength of a couple. A reaffirming of the commitment of their marriage vows.  So they are often the most joyous, fun filled occasions, full of laughter and happiness.

A lovely lady chose to renew her vows to say a big, public thank you to her husband. A thank you for sticking around when, in her words, ‘some men would have run a mile’. As a couple, they also wanted to give a big thank you to all their friends and family.  In other words, a big thank you for all the time, love and support, they’d given them over the years.

 Wedding Celebrant -  Renewal of Vows Ceremony

‘Darling, 25 years ago, I pledged my love and commitment to you, But it seems like only yesterday.  I promised to love you, honour you, comfort and keep you.

I pledged to be by your side in sickness and in health. In times of want. And times of plenty. For better or worse. For the rest of our lives. We have had all of those things. You have been by my side as we created a family, a home, and a life together.

Today, at the beginning of our 26th year as husband and wife, in the presence of our family and friends, I renew my vows to you. Pledging my eternal love for you, and eagerly awaiting what life may bring us.’

Wedding Celebrant - Renewal of Vows Ceremony

Seven Top Reasons to Have a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Reason 4

A new beginning

Sometimes, couples decide to draw a line on what’s gone before. Maybe things have happened in the marriage which were not good. However, the couple still love each other and want very much to save their marriage. So, they want to reaffirm their commitment to each other, and move forward.

Therfore, these vow renewal ceremonies often act as reminder of why a couple chose to get married in the first place. In addition it enables them to relive the moments and feelings they once felt, during their wedding.

Seven Top Reasons to Have a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Reason 5

A bit more cash to splash second time round

Many couples look back to their wedding day and remember having a limited budget, and being downright skint. Above all, they didn’t have the wedding they’d dreamed of having.

One couple said they always regretted that there wasn’t the big white dress, tiara, or beautiful bouquet. Similarly, no new wedding suit. Above all, Their guest list was extremely short. The reception consisted of some sandwiches and sausage rolls in a drafty skittle alley. Therefore, they promised each other that one day they would have the wedding of their dreams. One with all the fancy trimmings. In fact, the first thing one husband did for his vow renewal ceremony was to buy himself a wedding ring. He’d always hated the fact that for twenty-five years of marriage he’d never had one. In addition, he also bought an amazing ring for his wife.

In conclusion, their vow renewal ceremony truly reflected a couple who had worked hard together over the years of their marriage. From starting with very little they had built a business, done well and prospered. Most importantly, they appreciated all that they had and that life had been good to them.  Above all, they wanted to share this with their friends.

Seven Top Reasons to Have a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Reason 6

Celebrating your family

It’s lovely to include your children in your ceremony. There are so many different and special ways to do this.

For instance, one couple, Roger and Deirdre, had a daughter with an amazing voice. She sang ‘True Colours’ to her parents. as a tribute to the support they had given each other during their difficulties over the years.

Similarly, another couple pledged their continual love and support to their children in their vows. In addition, they presented the children with silver bangles, when they exchanged their rings.

Some children have treated their parents to a vow renewal ceremony for a significant wedding anniversary. A wonderful and loving gesture.

Seven Top Reasons to Have a Vow Renewal Ceremony

Reason 7

Celebrating love

Perhaps the best and most important reason of all, is to celebrate your love.

In a vow renewal ceremony, a couple remember the promises they made to each other on their wedding day. In other words, their vows were important to them then, and they are important now. Renewing them enables the couple to re-affirm their love, as they embark on the next stage of their married life together.

In other words, a vow renewal ceremony is more than a celebration of the love of a couple. It is also a celebration of family and friends. Many couples use the ceremony as a big thank you to everyone who has loved and supported them over the years, the people who have played a significant part in their lives.

In conclusion, each couple has many different reasons for choosing to renew their vows. Therefore, by choosing a celebrant they make their ceremony unique, personal and memorable. In other words, a ceremony that reflects their journey together to this point.  One that reaffirms their commitment to their future life together.

Therefore, whatever your reasons, make your vow renewal ceremony a memorable one!

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