Weddings – A Celebration of Family

Part 3 of a 5-part series that looks at how different elements can be included within your wedding ceremony, to enable children, family and friends to participate together, with you both on your special day.


Part 3 – The Ring Warming Ceremony

As a wedding celebrant, I often get asked by the bride and groom how they can include all their guests in their ceremony. For a wedding ceremony doesn’t just unite two people together, it is also a celebration of the family and friends you have invited to be with you and to share your special day.

One of the loveliest ways to do this is through a ring warming ceremony, as it gives all your guests the opportunity to hold and imbue your wedding bands with a wish, blessing or prayer for your marriage. By the time your rings make it on to your fingers they will be warmed with the love and best wishes for your wedding by all your friends and family.

‘Ring Warming’ is a great way to begin your wedding ceremony, basically our rings are ‘warmed’ by each of your guests. A good time to introduce the ring warming is when everyone is seated and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the bride.

The rings are usually tied to a little cushion with ribbon, or placed in a box or threaded through a long ribbon before the ceremony.

Make sure you have a designated person to ensure the rings are passed along the rows and held safe until the promises and exchange of rings, later in your ceremony.

As your wedding celebrant, I will introduce this beautiful element of your wedding to your guests.

Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, these are the rings that Dolly and Alfie are going to exchange later in the ceremony, as a physical symbol of the vows they are making to one another.

Dolly and Alfie have asked that you warm these rings by passing them along the row while the ceremony is taking place.

As you hold them in your hands, pause for a moment, and make your good wishes for Dolly and Alfie and for their future together, before you pass them on to the next person.

These rings will not only be a gift from one to the other, but will be given with the love, support and wisdom of their family and friends.

During your Wedding Ceremony, when you make your vows, you exchange your rings with the confidence that they carry the blessings and good wishes of your family and friends and their love, hope and support for your marriage.

If you are getting married and want a unique, personalised wedding ceremony, its these little touches and elements that a wedding celebrant can create with you to make your wedding day special, meaningful and memorable.