A Jumping the Broom Ceremony

Part 11 of The Elements Series - A Wedding Celebrant's Perspective
Wedding Celebrant  - Broom Jumping Ceremony

Part 11  – A Jumping the Broom Ceremony

In this ‘Elements’ series, I take a look  at how my brides and grooms have incorporated additional elements into their ceremony, to really personalise  their wedding  and make it a  truly unique and memorable day.

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A Broom Jumping Ceremony is a beautiful and fun ritual that is theatrical and amusing. It is guaranteed to surprise and delight your guests and is a great way include them all in the joyous celebration of your marriage. 



Wedding Celebrant - Jumping the Brom Ceremony

The Symbolism of the Broom 

The broom was chosen because it has been the symbol of the home for many different cultures, throughout history and represents the threshold between past and present, a symbol of new beginnings.

Hannah and Chris chose to  jump the broom to signify their crossing of a threshold into a new relationship as husband and wife and to recognise that this also united their five children. 

Brooms can be decorated in ways that have deep and meaningful significance to the couple.

Seven colourful ribbons decorated Hannah and Chris’s broom.  Each colour represented a member of this new family that was being created through the ceremony.

The same coloured ribbons were also used for the Handfasting Ceremony, and matched the coloured sands in the Unity Sand Ceremony.

The additional elements Hannah and Chris incorporated in their wedding ceremony, highlighted the importance of their children to their union and celebrated the new family that was being created.   

Somerset Celebrant - Broom jumping Ceremony

The Significance of  Sweeping 

Together Hannah and Chris used the broom to sweep the ground in front of them. This  signified the sweeping away of their former single lives, their past problems, and their previous cares.

By sharing together in the sweeping, Hannah and Chris show their dedication and commitment to work together, through all life’s circumstances. For, by sharing the burdens and responsibilities of the home, they will lighten the load for one another and have a more equal and balanced married  life.

And also more time together to enjoy the fun stuff!



Starting a new life with another person does require a leap of faith.

Hannah and Chris, will you take this leap of faith?

Hannah and Chris – ‘ We will’

Wedding Celebrant - Broom Jumping Ceremony

Delighting the Guests

The broom had been discreetly tucked out of sight during the ceremony. So, it’s completely unexpected appearance, as we were drawing the ceremony to a close, delighted and surprised the guests. They clearly didn’t know what to expect next, in an amazing ceremony that had already included  a sand ceremony and a hand fasting.

I explained the significance of a  broom jumping in a wedding, and its particular symbolic meaning for Hannah and Chris.

Hannah and Chris were then invited to take the broom and together sweep the ground in front of them.

Watching them sweep together, in their best wedding clothes, clearly tickled their guests, as it was so completely unexpected.





Wedding Celebrant - Unity Candle Ceremony

 The Jump

Incorporating a Broom Jumping in their wedding  ceremony, enabled Hannah and Chris to end their ceremony on a high – literally!

After the sweeping, I placed the broom in front of them, and then addressing the guests said,

‘Family and friends, I invite you all to countdown from 3 with me and then shout ‘JUMP!!” as Hannah and Chris jump together into their common future.

Three, two, one —Jump !!!’

Their guests all clearly enjoyed taking  part, the countdown was very loud and enthusiastic  and the cheering, clapping and whistles  encouraged Hannah and Chris to really go for the jump,  to great  applause when they landed.

Adapting the Broom Jumping Ceremony

The Broom Jumping  ceremony can be easily adapted to suit any wedding and will delight and surprise your guests and ensure your special day is a truly memorable occasion.

It will also give you a beautiful keepsake of your wedding day.

Many Thanks

I’d like to thank Hannah and Chris for letting me share with you a part of their incredibly special day.

I’d like to also thank Lucie Hamilton Photography for the lovely pics

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