A Unity Candle Ceremony

Part 6 of The Elements Series - A Wedding Celebrant's Perspective
Wedding Celebrant  - Unity Candle Ceremony

Part 6  – A Unity Candle Ceremony

In this ‘Elements’ series, I take a look  at how my brides and grooms have incorporated additional elements into their ceremony, to really personalise  their wedding  and make it a  truly unique and memorable day.

The Unity Candle Element is a beautiful way for couples to celebrate unity in their marriage. 

Sammii and Simon chose to include a Unity Candle Element  to recognise that their wedding ceremony didn’t just unite the  two of them, but it also joined two amazing close and loving families.

They invited their mothers, Sue and Anna, to join them in the ceremony.



Wedding Celebrant - Unity Candle Ceremony

Before Lighting the Candles 

Before we lit the candles, Sammii and Simon thanked their mothers for loving and nurturing them, for instilling good values, for pointing them along life’s way, and for shaping them into the people that they are today.

They certainly did an amazing job !

Somerset Celebrant - Unity Candle Ceremony

The Symbolism of the Candles

The candles in a Unity Candle Ceremony will symbolically represent what is personal, meaningful and unique to each individual couple. Therefore, truly personalising the ceremony.

What did the candles in our ceremony represent?

Sammii and Simon’s candles represented their individual and separate lives and the way that from today their two separate lives will be joined as one.

Sue and Anna’s candles represented the two separate families and the way that out of these two families, a new family will be created.


Sammii, Simon, Sue and Anna as you light this candle today, may its brightness shine throughout you and your families’ lives.
Let its flame give you courage and reassurance in darkness; warmth and safety in the cold; and strength and joy in unity.
May you, your families and friends remain forever close.

Wedding Celebrant - Unity Candle  Ceremony

The Merging of the Individual Flames into the Unity Candle

As each person lit their candle, we acknowledged that Sammii and Simon had come here today from two different families and with two different heritages.

We recognised that the heritage that they both bring to their marriage will continue to be an important element in their lives, but that from today, it will be shared between them.

Sammii, Simon, Sue and Anna, lit the Unity Candle together.

The merging of the individual flames into the Unity Candle, therefore, symbolised the joining of Sammii and Simon’s lives as one and also the union of both families through their marriage, and acknowledged the rich heritage that each brought to it.


Wedding Celebrant - Unity Candle Ceremony

 The Symbolism of the Unity Candle Ceremony

As you can see, incorporating a Unity Candle Element in their wedding  ceremony, enabled Sammii and Simon to symbolically unite their families and also to involve their mums in a beautiful and meaningful way.

It was a fitting way to thank Sue and Anna for all they have done for them and added a deeply personal  touch to their ceremony.

Adapting the Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity Candle  ceremony can be easily adapted to suit any wedding and will delight and surprise your guests and ensure your special day is a truly memorable occasion.

It will also give you a beautiful keepsake of your wedding day.

Many couples choose to light their candle on an important anniversary to keep the fire of love and passion burning in their hearts.

Many Thanks

I’d like to thank Sammi and Simon and Sue and Anna for letting me share with you a part of their incredibly special day.

I’d like to also thank  Jeff Sham for the lovely pics

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