A Beautiful Ring Warming Ceremony

.Part 1 of The Elements Series - A Wedding Celebrant's Perspective
Wedding Celebrant  - Ring warming Element in Tipi Wedding

Part 1  – A Beautiful Ring Warming Ceremony.

In this ‘Elements’ series, I take a look  at how this year’s brides and grooms have incorporated additional elements to really personalise  their wedding ceremony and make it truly unique and memorable.

A Ring Warming Ceremony to Warm Everyone’s Hearts.

Inviting your guests to take part in a Ring Warming Ceremony is one of the greatest compliments you can pay them. You are asking them to hold and bless the rings that you will wear for the rest of your lives.

Laura and Karl chose to include a Ring Warming Ceremony for the start of their amazing Tipi wedding in May. 

Being in charge of the Ring Warming Ceremony, enabled their lovely son, Zach play a very special and important part in their wedding day. 

And with their beautiful daughter, Phoebe as bridesmaid, their wedding was a true celebration of family.



Introducing the Ring Warming ceremony 

We started with the ‘Introduction to the Ring Warming Ceremony’. This ensured all the guests knew exactly what was going to take place, as many would have no idea of what was about to happen!.

The clear explanation also ensured that guests also understood the significance of the Ring Warming for Laura and Karl.

Getting it Perfect !

Zach and I practised the Ring Warming Ceremony the evening before. He knew the route the rings would take and how much time he had. They were securely tied to a ribbon of hessian, which has formed a keepsake and meant, if they were accidentally dropped, we wouldn’t loose them! Zach had to ensure that everyone warmed them and then deliver them safely to Michelle until the Ring Exchange.

It was lovely to be greeted by Zach when I arrived on the morning of the wedding and seeing him so confident with the task ahead.

Wedding Celebrant - ring warming ceremony


‘Ladies and gentlemen, family and friends, Zach is holding the rings that Laura and Karl will exchange later in our ceremony.

These rings are a physical symbol of the vows and promises that they will make to one another today. Laura and Karl have asked that you warm these rings while we await the arrival of our bride.

As you hold them in your hands, pause for a moment and make your good wishes for Laura and Karl and their future lives together, then pass them to the person next to you.

These rings, therefore, will not only be a gift from one to the other, but will carry the love, support and wisdom of their closest family and friends.’

Wedding Celebrant - Ring Warming Ceremony

Reflecting The Ring Warming in the Ring Exchange Words

The words for the introduction of the Ring Exchange are unique for each couple and reflect the meaning and the symbolism of the Ring Exchange for them.

Rings that have been lovingly warmed by loved ones before being exchanged, will hold much deeper and stronger meaning.

‘These rings have been warmed by your family and friends. The people whom you love most. They are full of their love and good wishes for you, your children and your marriage’. 

Well Done Zach !

Zach did an absolutely brilliant job in uniting all the guests through the Ring Warming Ceremoy and set Laura and Karl’s wedding ceremony off with  the most amazing start!

Many Thanks

I’d like to thank Laura, Karl and Zach for letting me share with you a part of their incredibly special day.

I’d like to also thank the amazing and generous photographer, Nick Church for the pics.

Look out for the second part of this series, A Unity Sand Ceremony !

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